Whistle Messaging - Hyperlinks within Whistle for Cloudbeds

Adding hyperlinks is a common request and it is not possible to add hyperlinks into a text message (SMS) as it is for an email.

You can add link(s) to a text (SMS) and Whistle will automatically turn the URL into a link that allows recipients of the message to click and access the linked page.


  1. Save the links/shorten links as Company Variables to be utilized by your team at another time.
  2. Use a link shortener (not very recommended to prevent spam blocks) - use shorteners such as bitly to reduce the length of the URL. It allows you to send the message with a shortened link giving you the chance to extend your message beyond the character limits.

All SMS sent from Whistle will contain a link to cb.whistl.io. This link is our and legit, do not be concerned about phishing attempts.

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