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Whistle Messaging - How to Setup Hosted SMS


Follow this guide to Enable your Landline Number to Whistle for Cloudbeds.

  • Acceptable Numbers - The only type of number that is eligible for Hosted SMS is a landline number;
  • If the number type is Mobile, they cannot be SMS enabled;
  • Currently, only US and Canada are supported;
  • If we SMS enable your landline number, any changes made to your provider will cause Whistle to lose access to that number;
  • The number cannot be SMS enabled unless your call-tree is fully disabled

How to Setup Hosted SMS for Whistle Messaging

  1. Reach out to our support requesting to enable Hosted SMS
    • One of our Customer Coaches will reach out to you to continue with the following steps
  2. A 6-digit PIN will be provided to you
  3. An automated call will be placed to the landline number within 10 seconds after the PIN is issued to you.
  4. Answer the call and follow the instructions to enter the PIN.
  5. Whistle will verify the completion.
  6. An LOA (Letter of Authorization) will be emailed to you for signature.
  7. Your landline number will become your Whistle SMS number within 24-48 hours.
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