Whistle Upsell - How to Send Upsells in a Message

After configuring the Upsell products in Whistle for Cloudbeds, you can send them in an open message or automate messages with the Upsell list according to reservations presets. Learn here how to send those messages and automate them.  

How to Send Upsells in a Message

While in an open message or when setting up an automated message,

  1. Select the Upsell icon
  1. Select the products to create a cart or
  2. Copy the product link/list to add into message box
  1. Once selected, the link will be pasted into your message box. You can add as many products as you want.

How to Automate Messages with Upsells

  1. Go to the Automations tab inside Whistle
  2. Select Automated Messages
  3. Click + New Automated Message
  1. Create Title - not seen by guest
  2. Select Recipients
    • In-House (by Checked-in) 
    • In-House (by Arrival)
    • In-House on Date
    • Day before Arrival
    • X Days before Arrival
    • Arriving Today
    • Day after Arrival (Stays longer than 1 day)
    • X Days after Arrival
    • Mid-Stay (Stays longer than 1 day)
    • Day before Departure
    • X Days before Departure
    • Departing Today
    • Day after Departure
    • X Days after Departure
    • Reservation Created 
    • Reservation Checked In 
    • Reservation Checked Out
    • Reservation Canceled
  3. Add Conditions (if any) 
  4. Schedule when the message runs
    • One-Time (scheduled)
    • Repeating (automated)
  5. Select Days when message runs
  6. Select Send Time
  7. Chose automation type - Message Guest
  8. Choose if you want to enable Multi-Reservation Messaging (optional)
  9. Select Messaging Channel if you have any others enabled (eg. email, whatsapp)
  10. Click Upsell
  1. Copy product link or Create Cart with the products available in Upsell
  1. Click to Create.

The message will be automated according to the criteria preset in the configuration above.

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