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Whistle Reservations - How to Use Reservations


In the Reservations page, you can manage the guest data of the reservations synced from Cloudbeds PMS. You can edit contacts, view reservation details and submit notes. Learn how to use reservations in this article.

Things to note

All Guest Data will be automatically synced from Cloudbeds PMS.

To prevent sync issues between Cloudbeds PMS and Whistle for Cloudbeds which causes reservations with empty details to be imported into Whistle, follow the below recommendations:

● Ensure that the Nationality detail is configured as a required field on your Booking Engine;

● Ensure that when creating a Direct reservation, the guest’s phone number includes the country code;

● Ensure to configure the SMS Fallback Country Code settings in Whistle for Cloudbeds as explained in this article under Step 3 - Format Preferences.

How to Edit Reservations Data in Whistle

  1. Go to the Reservations tab inside Whistle
  2. Search and select the Guest you wish to update

Check here how to filter reservations by multiple segments.

  1. Open Guests tab
  2. Click on + Add Channel to add new phone or email contact to this guest
  1. Select if you want to add a new Number or Email
  2. Enter the phone number or email address
  3. Click Confirm
  1. Click on the Arrow to view Guest Chat
  2. Edit guest details by clicking the pencil icon
  3. Delete this guest from the reservation by clicking the trash bin
  4. Click on the Star to save this contact as the Preferred Channel

Click the three dots to open the following options:

  1. Re-Request to Opt-In
  2. Assign or Reassign Primary Guest: you must use this button to assign the primary guest to the corresponding channel/contact.
  • Users will be unable to respond to this guest until a primary guest has been selected.
  • Any automated response (via Chatbot Automations) that would be triggered by the guest's inbound will be discarded.
How to Filter Reservations

In the Reservations tab, Narrow search by one of the following options:

  1. Search bar 
    • Type guest name, phone number or notes
  2. Filter by Segment (same list/recipients who receive set up automated messages)
    • In-House (by Checked-in)
    • In-House (by Arrival)
    • In-House on Date
    • Arriving Today
    • Departing Today
    • Arriving Tomorrow
    • Departing Tomorrow
    • Mid-Stay
  3. Arrival /Departure Date
    • Select date of guest arrival or Select date of guest departure
  4. Filter by Custom Fields:
    • Field name and condition
How to Use Bulk Action on the Reservations Page

In the Reservations tab,

  1. Search the reservations you want
  2. Select them by clicking the square
  3. Click to Delete selected reservations OR
  4. Start Conversations, if you want to send a message.
How to Send a Message in the Reservations page

Select the reservations and,

  1. Click to Start Conversations
  2. Select your message type (if you selected more than one guest only the Campaign and Survey option will be available)
    • Conversation
    • Campaign
    • Survey
  3. Type message or utilize message icons for additional services
    • Templates
    • Variables
    • Widgets
    • Google Translate
    • Emojis
    • Upload
    • Upsell (Premium & Enterprise)
  4. Click Send
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