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Whistle for Cloudbeds - Product Updates


Find here updates that are live for all Whistle for Cloudbeds customers:

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Whistle Chat Icon Added to Cloudbeds PMS

Users are now able to access Whistle for Cloudbeds platform from within the Cloudbeds PMS via a chat icon added to the top navigation bar.

A single sign-on feature was implemented to eliminate the need for a second sign-in page.

Import Users

From now on, you are able to import existing Cloudbeds PMS users into your Whistle for Cloudbeds application rather than requiring manual entry of email addresses to set up new Whistle users. 

Before this Release

You no longer need to manually create new Whistle users by clicking on the +Add Users button.

After this Release

You will now see an Import Users button that allows you to add / authorize users into the Whistle for Cloudbeds application.

Clicking on this button will open a drawer that provides a list of available Cloudbeds PMS users to be imported into Whistle. After the import, users will have authorized access.

  • Only super admins are able to add users
  • Users will be added into Whistle as Basic Users by default
  • Only users who do not yet have access will be displayed on the list to import
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