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Cloudbeds Booking Engine - Customization Code Index


This article includes the HTML/CSS code categories to customize the Gallery Design of your Cloudbeds Booking Engine. Find the code that serves your customization purposes in the list below.

Booking Engine Customization Code Index

  • The Booking Engine's List Design is no longer available as of September 1st, 2022. Find more details here.
  • The following code guides apply to the Gallery Design only.
  • Note that these Gallery Design customization code may be affected by future improvements applied to the Booking Engine.
Customization Categories Link Description
Customize Text (font, size and colors) and Replace Default Text Change your text style or add your own text to your Booking Engine. 
Change Colors (background, elements and buttons) Use your brand colors (or any other desired color) for customization.
Hide, Remove or Resize Elements Change the website's default elements and adjust them to your needs.
Add Text, Images, Hyperlinks and Buttons Add additional text and link other elements or pages to your Booking Engine.
Customize Rate Checker, Widget, Date Picker, and Other Elements
Take your website to the next level by customizing other elements, such as the Rate Checker or the Widget.
  • To explore more customization options for your Booking Engine, click here.
  • If you need any assistance to find your code, reach out to our Support Team.
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