Whistle for Cloudbeds Integration - Quore Connection Guide

Whistle for Cloudbeds can integrate with your Quore account to facilitate and automated requests, work orders or complaints to be dispatched and recorded.


  1. Go to the Company
  2. Click on Integrations
  3. Scroll down to Task Management Integrations and enable Quore - You will see the status Pending Enablement.
  4. Our support team will reach out to Quore to confirm connection and complete the Quore Authentication Token.

This step might take xxx business days to be completed.

Our support team will complete the integration connection and reach out to you by email confirming the activation.

Automate Task Dispatching

Create Quore tickets to be automatically dispatched when a request falls in the category; Service Request, Work Order, or Complaint.

Service Request /  Work Order / Complaint
  1. Go to the Automations tab
  2. Click on Intent Action & Replies
  3. Select:
    • Service Requests > Any Service Request
    • Work Orders > Any Work Order Issue
    • Contact > I have a complain
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome
  1. Message Sentiment - Any
  2. Action Type - Create a Ticket
  3. Request Type - Service Request, Work Order or Complaint
  4. Click Save
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome

Manually Create Ticket

  1. Within a guest message, click the 3 dot icon to dispatch task
Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 12.11.21 PM.png (749×472) - Google Chrome
  1. Select Create Ticket
  2. Click Service Request/Work Order/Complaint
  3. Confirm ticket and task will be dispatched to Quore for another department to complete
Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 12.10.37 PM.png (749×428) - Google Chrome

Once you've created, task updates will automatically appear within the guest's conversation

Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 12.16.17 PM.png (749×605) - Google Chrome
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