Whistle Upsell - How to Manage Upsell Orders

When a guest buys something from the Whistle Upsell store, it appears as a new order in the Orders page inside of Whistle. Check below how it works and how to manage upsell orders with Cloudbeds PMS

This feature requires Engagement Plus Package.


When an order is placed:

  • All Admin users receive a new order email notification
  • The Orders page shows a new order
  • The customer receives an order receipt/confirmation email
  • The customer receives an order confirmation SMS
  • Order processing flow begins

Access and Review Orders

  1. Access Upsell
  2. Click on Orders
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Each order provides details and statuses to help you track the progress. You can filter your orders by the following items:

Filter Description
Status A new order starts as Open, you can Archive an order once it's been Fulfilled, Cancelled, or Refunded. If there's an issue and you need to cancel an order or refund an order then the order status is updated to Cancelled
  • Open - new / open order
  • Archived - closed fulfilled order to indicate no further action is required
  • Cancelled - cancelled / refunded order
Date When the order was placed
Customer Who place the order
Total Price
Payment Type
  • Room Charge
  • Credit Card (Stripe)
PMS Folio Allows to post orders to a reservation folio.
  • Not Posted - the order has not been posted to Cloudbeds PMS folio
  • Posted - the order has been posted to Cloudbeds PMS Folio
  • Voided - order where the payment hasn't yet been captured
  • Unfulfilled - new / open order
  • Fulfilled - complete / delivered order
Items Order Items
Process / Post Order

You can either:

  1. Manually charge/post order to guest folio reservation into Cloudbeds PMS


  1. Open the order and click Post to Folio

Fulfill Order

Once you complete or delivered the order, change the status to fulfilled to update order progress

Archive Order

Archive order once fulfilled/complete to remove from open order list

Cancel / Refund Order

If a guest requests a cancellation, or an item was ordered and isn't available, you might need to cancel or refund an order. When an order is canceled or refunded the following occurs:

  • All Admin users receive a cancellation/refund order email notification
  • The guest receives an order cancellation/refund email

Cancel vs Refund

Cancel or Refund options will be available for an order depending on the payment method for the Order.

  • Room Charge orders do not have any payment captured, and are able to be cancelled.
  • Credit Card orders already have payment captured, and must be refunded or partially refunded.

Cancel Order (Room Charge)

  1. Access Upsell
  2. Click on Orders
  3. Click the Order you want to cancel
  4. In the top right corner three dot icon select Cancel Order
  1. Cancel Order Window will be displayed
    • Enter a reason for cancelling the order (Optional)
    • Update PMS folio - this will set the folio status to voided (Optional)
  2. Click Confirm
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Refund/Partial Refund (Credit Card)

When you refund an order, you send payment back to the guest. You can refund an entire order or only part of an order.

A refund takes up to 5-10 business days to be credited back to your guest.

  1. Access the Order you want to refund
  2. In the top right corner three dot icon select Refund
  3. Refund Order Window will appear
    • Set the Refund Amount
    • Enter a reason for the refund (Optional)
    • Update PMS folio - this will set the folio status to voided (if its a full refund) or remain as posted (if its a partial refund) (Optional)
  4. Click Confirm
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