Connect and manage Flexipass integration to Whistle for Cloudbeds

Whistle for Cloudbeds can integrate with your FLEXIPASS account to sync and send digital keys to guests.

This integration will sync with your FLEXIPASS account to view digital keys in the guest profile and create or revoke key code access to your guests.

  1. Contact our support team to complete the Flexipass Integration connection.

*If you also have Flexipass Webkeys, inform our support while requesting the integration.

Create Key Code
  1. While in an open message, expand the Digital Key section in the guest profile by clicking the + (plus sign)
  2. Click Create Key Code
  3. Select guest room number under Door
  4. Select the Start/End Date and Time of guest access
  5. Click Confirm
Create KeyCode.png (687×346) - Google Chrome
Send Key Code
  1. Click the Arrow next to the digital key to send
  2. A templated message will appear in your message box with code details to edit as needed, click Send
Revoke Key Code
  1. Click the red Trashcan next to the digital key to remove
  2. Confirm action to revoke key code
Revoke Key.png (1288×649) - Google Chrome
Automate Key Code

Create an Automated Message with FLEXIPASS Code Variable

  1. Go to the Automation tab inside Whistle to create an Automated Message. Click here to learn how to create an automated message
  2. Type your message and include variable -> Reservation -> Flexipass code
  3. Click Create

Recommended Message Text

Access your room {{room_number}} with CODE


  1. Download FLEXIPASS APP
  2. Enter {{flexipass_code}} and access room
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome
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