Whistle Upsell - How to Insert Upsell in a Conversation

In any messaging channel (SMS, facebook, etc) to send guests a link to purchase a product or service setup in your designed Upsell marketplace.

Upsell items must be created in Whistle. The existing items in your Cloudbeds PMS will not me migrated to Whistle automatically.

If you don't have your products and categories created yet, click here to learn more.

  1. Access the Guest Chat tab
  2. Search for guest or select guest name in Open folder
  3. While in an open message, select the shopping cart icon to include a product link from your upsell marketplace

Learn more about Upsell: ADD URL HERE

  1. Select the products to create a cart or copy the product link/list to add into message box

Once you've selected, the link will paste into your message box. If you wish to add more to the message you may do so.

Upsell Payment Methods

Payout default is Charge to Room which requires the property user to manually post the charge to the guest’s reservation inside Cloudbeds PMS.

You can set up a Stripe Express Account to have the guest checkout by credit card with the link provided. This Stripe service charge does take ~2.98% of the total price (adjust product prices accordingly to recover for Stripe charge and add tax percent in Upsell Settings.

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