Manage email notifications from Whistle upsell orders

Manage the automated triggers on Upsell order creation and status changes.

Click here to learn How to Create Categories and Products.

Create an upsell order notification
  1. Go to the Upsell tab inside Whistle
  2. Select the Order Notification section
  3. Click + New Order Trigger
  1. Create Notification details:
    • Purchase Type
    • Select the Product
    • Select the Status
    • Trigger Event Type
  2. Click Save
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome
Enable/disable upsell email notifications

Every user has the ability to enable or disable the upsell notification emails in their profile page and admins can also manage these settings in the users company page. If you want to enable/disable upsell order notifications from your user or other users, follow the steps below:

In my user profile
  1. Go to your user profile page
  2. Open the notifications settings
  3. Switch the toggle on/off to enable or disable upsell email notifications


For other users
  1. Go to the Company page
  2. Open the users management page
  3. Select the user to be edited
  4. Check/uncheck the upsell order notification option to enable/disable upsell emails for this user
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