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Whistle Tickets - How to Create Inspections


Getting Started

  1. Go to the Tickets tab
  2. Select Inspections
  3. Click New Inspection
  1. Click Import or fill in Inspection Details

Import inspection with CSV/XLSX document including columns:

  • Task Name
  • Task Description

Task import files must be Microsoft Excel's native XLS, XLSX, or CSV formats.

Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 5-52-25 PM-png.png (591×345) - Google Chrome
Fill in Inspection Details
  1. Title - Inspection Name
    • Department - Department assigned Inspection
    • Description - Information about Inspection (optional)
    • Priority -  Star rating (optional)
    • Default History View (optional)
  2. Room - location of checklist (optional - Room Setup located in Company Settings)
  3. Section - Label
    • Title
    • Description/Instructions (optional)
  4. Field - Task item
    • Title
    • Description/Instructions (optional)
    • Pass/Inspect/Fail button options

Click Create

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