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Whistle Chatbot Automation - How to Activate Chatbot Automations Settings


With Whistle for Cloudbeds Chatbot Automation you can set responses for conversational frequently asked questions from guests.

  • Engagement Essentials - 3 Automations
  • Engagement Plus -  Unlimited Automations

Getting Started

  1. Go to the Automations tab inside Whistle
  2. Under Chatbot Automations, select Settings
  3. Enable Chatbot Automations and Guest Replies (Live Chat/Guest Chat) to have automations send
    • Chatbot Automations - Automated Actions, internal notifications or tickets
    • Automation Delay - Determines how long to wait before an intent action is sent, allows time for agent intervention
    • Live Chat (Guest Replies) - Automated Replies,  answering specific questions within Live Chat
    • Guest Chat (Guest Replies) - Automated Replies, answering specific questions within Guest Chat
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