Whistle Chatbot Automation - Configure chatbot automations settings

With Whistle for Cloudbeds Chatbot Automation you can set responses for conversational frequently asked questions from guests.

Automations included in each package:

  • Engagement Essentials - 3 Automations
  • Engagement Plus -  Unlimited Automations

Enable chatbot automations

  1. Access the Automations tab
  2. Select Settings under Chatbot Automations
  3. Switch the toggle to enable:
    • Chatbot automations - automated Actions, internal notifications or tickets.
    • Guest replies for Live Chat - automated Replies,  answering specific questions within Live Chat.
    • Guest replies for Guest Chat - automated Replies, answering specific questions within Guest Chat.

Automatic translations

In the Automations settings page you can also enable automatic translations:

  1. Inbound - automatically translates messages from guests.
  2. Outbound - automatically translates messages to guests.

Content Sources

In the content sources, you can enable auto-generated responses based on data from the most popular hotel-based responses in those sources, for example, TripAdvisor.

  1. Switch the toggle to enable a source
  1. Insert your source URL
  2. Select the tone of the generated messages:
    • Professional - This tone maintains a formal and courteous approach suitable for official communications, inquiries, and responses requiring a high level of professionalism.
    • Friendly - A warm and welcoming tone that aims to create a friendly atmosphere, making guests feel comfortable and valued during their interactions.
    • Casual - A relaxed and informal tone suitable for casual conversations, recommendations, and non-urgent queries, helping to establish a more laid-back atmosphere.
    • Polished - Conveys a refined and polished tone, ideal for upscale hotels and luxury experiences, aiming to exude sophistication and elegance in all communications.
    • Humorous - Incorporates light-hearted humor and wit into interactions, adding a touch of entertainment and personality to the messaging experience, when appropriate and well-received.
  3. Click to generate

The source and tone selected will auto-generate the responses into a Most Popular folder in your Intent Actions & Replies section:

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