Whistle Tickets - Task Types and Escalations

Task Types

  1. Go to the Tickets tab
  2. Select Task Types
  3. Add or Delete task types available for your users
  • New task type - click + New Task Type, enter name
  • Delete task type - next to the task type click the red trashcan icon


  1. Select Ticket Escalation
  2. Click + New Escalation
  1. Set the Rule Settings:
    1. Escalated after X minutes
    2. And Task Status is... 
      • Not Complete
      • Unassigned
      • Completed
      • Cancelled
    3. And Task Department is
    4. And Task Type is
  2. Create Rule Trigger
  3. Click Save

Escalation Rule Triggers are executed when a task meets the escalation rule settings.

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