Whistle Automated Messages - How to Manage

Automated messaging delivers a message to multiple guests automatically based on the arrival and departure dates in the reservations tab.

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Access the Automated Messages page

  1. Go to the Automation tab inside Whistle
  2. Select Automated Messages
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome

Board Overview

All the automations created will be displayed in the main board as follows:

1 - Create an automated message
  1. Click + New Automated Message
  1. Add Title - not seen by guest
  2. Select the Recipient Type
  3. Add a Filter Condition* (if any)
  4. Schedule when the message runs
  5. Select Days when message runs
  6. Choose run Time
  7. Select which Automations you want to set for this message (you can add multiple automation actions: sms, ticket, whatsapp, etc)
  8. Configure each Automation Type you added
Filter conditions*

Filter conditions are a set of rules that apply to a particular automated message, specifying which recipients should receive the message. You can include multiple conditions.

For instance, you can configure a message to be sent exclusively to reservations that are booked for a particular room number or room name:

You can add Filter Conditions with the “or” functionality symbol “|”. Use ‘’|’’ to add multiple entries to your value, for example:

Automation Type - message guest

Choose if you wish to enable:

  1. Multi-room messaging (send a message per room)- sends an automated message for each room of the reservation.
  2. Multi-reservation messaging - send guests an automated message for each reservation they have.
  3. Missed messages - this will immediately send this message if a reservation is created after the scheduled date and time.
  4. Select messaging channel if you have any others enabled (eg. email, whatsapp)
  5. Select a created Survey Template or Type a Message
  6. Select the department, if needed
  7. Click Create
  • There is a maximum 640 character limit on messages, it is not possible to save or send messages with more characters.  
  • Event-based automated messages will not have the missed messages option (e.g. Reservation Created, Checked-In, Checked-Out, Canceled, etc.)
  • You can enable/disable those options by anytime.
Automation Type - create a ticket
  1. Select TaskChecklist or Inspection
  2. Select Ticket Type
  3. Choose Assignee (optional)
  4. Add Description (optional)
  5. Click Save
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome
Automation Type - notify team chat
  1. Select Channel
  2. Type your message
  3. Click Create

If there is one reservation with multiple rooms, Whistle can only send an automated message to one room at the moment, multi-room reservation is not supported.

2 - How to edit/remove automated messages

On the Automated Message page

  1. Click on the message you wish to update or select the 3 dot icon and click Edit or Remove
3 - Enable / Disable Automated Messages

Flip on the Enabled / Disable switch of the message you wish to turn on/off or click the 3 dot icon and click Enable/Disable.

Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome
4 - Skip Guest

On the Automated Message page

  1. Click on the message you want to adjust or select the 3 dot icon and click view History
  2. Click Skip button on the right of the guest name to remove them from receiving
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome
5 - Auto-Archive

Flip off the Enabled switch next to Auto Archive Guest at the top of the page.

It automatically archives Guests when an automated message is sent to them.

Send Template
  1. While in an open message or when setting up an automated message, select the Template icon
  2. Select the template type to add into message box

Once you've inserted the template variable, it will paste a link into your message box. Add more templates to the message if you wish.

Activity Logs

You can access the activity logs of your scheduled automations by clicking the automation card details:.

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