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Whistle Guest Chat - How to Reply to a Guest, Add Emoji, add Attachments


Guest chat homepage allows you to view and send platform messages.

Getting Started

  1. Access the Guest Chat tab
  2. Search for guest or select guest name in Open folder
  3. Type message or utilize message icons for additional services
    • You can also add Internal Notes, if desired
    • There is a maximum 640 character limit on messages, it is not possible to save or send messages with more characters.  
  4. Select the smile icon to insert emojis
  5. Select the paperclip icon to attach a file to your message
  6. Click to send
  • Maximum File Size: 5MB
  • Carrier Attachment Size Limits:
    • AT&T - 0.675 MB
    • Sprint - 1.4 MB
    • T-mobile - 1.5 MB
    • Verizon - 0.675 MB
  • File Types:
    • jpeg
    • png
    • gif
  • Attachment links expire after two years and need to be updated.  
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