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Whistle Guest Chat - How to Start Conversation, Campaign or Survey, and Check Upcoming Messages


Access the Guest Chat tab and select one of the following options:

  1. Conversation
  2. Campaign
  3. Survey
  4. Upcoming Messages


Individual message sent from Whistle.

There is a maximum 640 character limit on messages, it is not possible to save or send messages with more characters.  

  1. Click Start Conversation
  2. Add guest info
  3. Type message or use message icons for additional services
    • Templates
    • Variables
    • Widgets
    • Google Translate
    • Emojis
    • Upload
    • Upsell
  4. Click Send or send later with clock icon


Mass message sent individually to each number (not a group message).

  1. Select Start Campaign
  2. Enter campaign Description
  3. Add guest(s) or upload csv/excel file of guest(s) details from Cloudbeds PMS
  4. Type message or utilize message icons for additional services
  5. Click Send or send later with clock icon


Send a question with automated reply options.

  1. Select Start Survey
  2. Create new survey or click + Use Survey Template
  3. Click NEXT at the top right

Upcoming Messages

Enabled automated messages scheduled to send from your platform.

  1. Select Upcoming Messages

The automated messages scheduled to be sent for the day will be displayed

  1. Look at past or future automated messages by adjusting the dates with the arrows at the top right
  2. Select 3 dot icon to remove, edit or view history of the automated message
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