Whistle Company Page - Digital Registration Flows

Create a document within Whistle to have electronically sent via link. With Digital Registration flows you can send document(s) and collect signatures electronically.

This feature automatically posts signed registration documents into your Cloudbeds PMS, under the Document guest's tab.

  • Documents are kept on file for up to 5 years

Table of Contents

Access Digital Registration

  1. Go to the Company tab inside Whistle
  2. Select the Digital Registration Flows section
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome
Step 1 - Create Registration
  1. At the top right of the page, click the Create
  2. Add document Title
  3. Click Create
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome
  1. Click Add Step
  2. Add Step Title
  3. Manage the Text and *Fields Required - click the field name to add the field into the document on the right to be edited.
  • It is not advised to have guests upload Credit Card information since this requires PCI compliance certification
  • File Types Supported: jpeg, gif, png, apng, svg, bmp, bmp ico, & png ico.
  1. Enable the step to be visible when the link is accessed
  2. Click Save

*Field options:

  1. Text: input any text to your document
  2. Terms checkbox: use it to add the agreement to your terms and conditions
  3. Signature: request guest signature
  4. Initials
  5. Name Field
  6. Phone Field
  7. Attachment Upload: use this field to request any extra documentation you need
  8. Take a photo: when accessed by the guest, it only allows them to take a single photo of their document. The guest snaps a picture, and can either click the back arrow to retake the photo or click the checkmark in the middle to accept the photo. Mostly used for IDs.
  9. Text Input Field: use to add any field required not available on the list
  10. Number Field: use it to add any field required related to number with minimum and maximum amounts.
  11. Dropdown: create a dropdown menu so the guest can select an information  
  12. Select a Date
  13. Select a Time
  1. While in an open message or when setting up an automated message, select the Template icon
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome
  1. Select the template type to add into message box
    • Company Template (Admin Created)
    • User Templates (User Created)
    • Survey Templates (Feature)
    • Digital Registration (Engagement Plus)
    • Automated Messages (Feature)
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome

Once you've inserted the templated variable, it will paste a link into your message box. If you wish to add more to the message you may do so.

  1. Go to the Automations tab inside Whistle
  2. Select Automated Messages
  3. Click + New Automated Message
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome
  1. Create Title - not seen by guest
  2. Select Recipients
  3. Add Conditions (if any)
  4. Schedule when the message runs
  5. Select Days when message runs
  6. Select Send Time
  7. Chose automation type - Message Guest
  8. Choose if you want to enable Multi-Reservation Messaging (optional)
  9. Select Messaging Channel if you have any others enabled
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome
  1. Select Template
  2. Click Digital Registration
  3. Click Insert Variable next to the digital registration you wish to add to your message
  4. Click Create
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome

If a guest accesses the Digital Registration from a generic link, instead of accessing these links through an automated message or the corresponding variable, the guest will have to be identified through a 2-Factor Authentication.

Sign Document Process
  1. Once you message guests requesting documents to be completed, the guest clicks the link to view and accept document
Image from iOS (1).jpg (200×432) - Google Chrome
  1. Guest will complete the document requirements

You will be notified within the guest history of the actions taken and once the document is complete

Cloudbeds Hotel | Signature - Google Chrome

On your Cloudbeds PMS, access the reservation, and click on Document tab to have access.

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View History
  1. Select History
  2. Under Actions, hover over the guest document you wish to review and click the Download icon
Add Translations to Regitration Flows

The Digital Registration feature allows customers to add translations for up to 29 languages, so when the guest is viewing a Digital Registration, they will able to select the language of their choice. In the Whistle for Cloudbeds dashboard, there will be an option to configure the translations per language.

In Whistle for Cloudbeds Company tab,

  1. Go to Digital Registration Flows
  2. Click to Edit the Registration Flow to be translated
  1. Open the Translations tab next to Registration Editor
  1. Enable the language to be translated (switch the toggle)
  2. Add the translated text
  3. Click to Save

The guest will be able to select the language they prefer in the drop-down menu displayed in the digital registration sent:

  • If there have been no translations configured for a language, then it will display the information in the property's default language.
  • If the translation has not been enabled (toggled 'on') for a language, then it will display the information in the property's default language.
  • There is not an option to have an automated translation via Google Translate for Digital Registration.
  • Whistle's Digital Registration can be used for day-to-day operations in Brazil, but is not legally binding and cannot be upheld in Brazilian court (ICP-Brasil).
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