Live Chat Configuration Guide

The Live Chat will boost guest experience by integrating our Chatbot with your website and booking engine for seamless engagement.

The Live Chat uses powerful AI to answer commonly asked questions, reducing staff workload. It also guides guests toward making direct reservations with a deep booking engine integration.

  • You can enable this feature on your Cloudbeds PMS account. Reach out to our support for more information.
  • This feature is already included in all Whistle for Cloudbeds packages.
  • If you have Cloudbeds Websites, reach out to our support team, and we'll help you with the scripts.


Getting Started

1 - Install the Live Chat in your Cloudbeds PMS

  1. Click on the Whistle icon Whistle icon.png in your Cloudbeds PMS top navigation bar
  2. Go to the Live chat live chat.pngpage
  3. Open the settings tab
  4. Click on Installation
  5. Add the Domain - Enter the website(s) you will be using the Whistle Live Chat Plugin. This is a security measure so that we can guarantee messages are coming from your website. (Example
  6. Click to submit
  7. Copy and Paste the HTML Script into your website's HTML pages right before the closing </body> HTML tag

whistle live chat installation1.png

2 - Setup the Live Chat availability

  1. Go to the Availability tab in the Live Chat settings
  2. Select availability status:
    • Always available
    • Always away
    • Use availability schedule - Add hours
  3. Add hours: The availability schedule allows you to schedule your available hours of operation.
  4. Configure the Welcome/Away messages:
    • Welcome - Displayed whenever a visitor begins a chat session
    • Away - displayed when a visitor begins a chat session, and availability is set to away
  5. Click to and their title
  6. Select a Type of button:
    • Intention (with a menu to select options),
    • External URL
    • Date picker - This will display a button with clickable options for the guest.  
  7. Click to save your sections.

The Live chat is ready to use. 

Live Chat Settings

1 - Receive Email Messaging

If you add email recipients, they will receive Live Chat messages via email and can also reply to Live Chat messages via email.

  1. Go to the Email Messaging section in the Live Chat settings
  2. Click to
  3. Enter the recipient's email
  4. Select when you want those recipients to receive live chat emails: when the status is available and/or away.
  5. Click to confirm.

2 - Create custom action messages

The custom action message is displayed when the widget is displayed.

  1. Go to the Actions section in the Live Chat settings
  2. Insert the message you want to display in the widget
  3. Save action.

3 - Set up the Live Chat Design for your website 

  1. Go to the Design page in the Live Chat settings
Theme Start Chat Form Launcher Placement
Theme Image

In the Theme section, you can select the colors of your background, base, and messages.

Start Chat Form Image

In the Start Chat Form, you can configure the display name and picture and set up the required fields the guest needs to fill out before starting a conversation in the chat.

Launcher Image

In the Launcher button, you can set up an external launcher that allows you to specify an HTML button ID that opens the Live Chat widget.

Placement Image

In the Placement section, you can configure the position at which a widget will be displayed on your website desktop view.

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