Whistle Company Page - How to Manage Users, Roles, and Departments in Whistle

The user section allows super admins to create roles, add/remove users and adjust user permissions. There are 4 different default roles to choose when creating a user. Each role provides certain access to the platform, create a new role to customize user access further.

Access Users

  1. Go to the Company tab inside Whistle
  2. Select the Users section
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Type of Roles:

Super Admin

  • Complete access to entire system
  • Ideal for the hotel General Manager


  • Access to everything aside from creating new users
  • Ideal for Managers, Supervisors, and Whistle Champions

Basic User

  • This user has limited access, cannot edit any company/hotel-level settings
  • Access to Guest conversations, Live Chat conversations, Team Chat, Tasks, and Reservations
  • This role is ideal for day-to-day users, like Front Desk Agents

Billing Access Only

  • This user has limited access, cannot edit any company/hotel-level settings
  • Billing can only see and interact with the Billing section of Whistle
  • This role is ideal for financial positions, like Accounting
Create Roles

Scroll down to roles:

  1. Click + Create Role
  2. Add Role details (Name, Description, Access into Whistle)
  3. Save

Edit /Delete Roles

  1. Click View next to the role you are updating
  2. Edit Role details or click to delete
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Departments and Positions

Add Departments

Scroll down to departments

  1. Scroll down and click + Create Department
  2. Enter Department Name
  3. Click Confirm

Add Positions

  1. Click + Add Position under the associated department
  2. Enter Position Name
  3. Click Confirm
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Delete Department or Position
  1. Search for department to remove and under actions click the Red Trash
    • Click the X button next to the title to delete the position
  2. Click Confirm


Import Users
  1. Click on Import Users
  2. Select users to import and make active in Whistle.
  • If you want to add a new user, you must first create that user on your Cloudbeds PMS account.
Edit Users
  1. Click the Down Arrow next to the user to edit
  2. Edit Access Role
  3. Edit User Profile (display name, signature, first and last name, contact phone number)
  4. Edit User Departments (positions)
  5. Edit Notifications (availability, enable SMS and email notifications)
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Remove Users
  1. Search the user you wish to remove
  2. Under actions, click the Red Trash Can and Confirm

If the red trash is not shown, edit access role to Basic User.

Approve / Decline Users
  1. Scroll down to requests
    • Click Approve next to the user to provide access
    • Click Decline next to the user to deny access
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When a user’s email is changed in Cloudbeds PMS, the user needs to be removed from Whistle and re-added.

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