Whistle Company Page - Manage rooms and room groups to send tickets

In the Rooms settings, all rooms configured in your Cloudbeds PMS will be automatically imported to Whistle for Cloudbeds.
In this page, you can create extra rooms and room groups to assign a ticket to multiple rooms. Check in this article how to manage your room settings in Whistle for Cloudbeds.

  • Whistle will automatically sync the rooms list from Cloudbeds PMS.
  • These rooms cannot be edited or deleted in Whistle for Cloudbeds settings. If you want to modify any room, the update must be done directly in Cloudbeds PMS.
  • If you need to create extra rooms for managing purposes (e.g lobby, rooftop, common areas), you can create them in the room settings and they can be edited or deleted.
  • Room updates will sync once every 2 hours.

Access your rooms

  1. Access the Company tab
  2. Select the Rooms section
  3. The rooms list imported from Cloudbeds PMS will be displayed in this page.

Manage your room groups

  1. Click to create group
  2. Type the group name
  3. Click to add room
  4. Type the room name
  5. Click outside the box to save it
  6. You can Edit or Delete the room or group created by clicking in the pencil and trash bin icons next to it

Only manually created rooms can be grouped.

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