Whistle Company Page - How to Use Message Templates

In Whistle, you can create message Templates that will be saved and can be available for all users to use as quick responses. They save time and simplify inbox management. Learn how to manage your templates in this guide.

How to Access Templates Settings

  1. Go to the Company tab inside Whistle
  2. Select the Templates section
  3. All Templates created will be listed under Company and User tabs
How to Create a Template

On the Templates section,

  1. Click to Create Template
  1. Add Template Title
  2. Template type set to Company Template
  3. Enter Template
  4. Click Save Template
How to Edit or Delete a Template

On the Templates section,

  1. Click 3 Dots next to template you wish to edit
  2. Click to Edit Template OR
  3. Delete Template as needed
  1. Edit the template and Save OR
  2. Confirm you want to delete it
How to Send the Template in an Open Message

In an open message,

  1. Select the Template icon

Select template type to add into message box and send.

  1. Company (Admin Created)
  2. User (Individual User Created)
  3. Surveys (Feature)
  4. Digital Registration (Enterprise Feature)
  5. Automated Messages (Feature)
  • There is maximum 640 character limit on messages, it is not possible to save or send messages with more characters.
  • Attachment links expire after two years and need to be updated.  
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