The Cloudbeds PMS has a new look! As we work to update our knowledgebase some steps in our articles might not match our new design. Click here for more details.

Cloudbeds Release Notes - The New Cloudbeds Menu


We are excited to introduce The New Cloudbeds Menu: The first of many user-focused design improvements that simplify common, repetitive workflows to improve efficiency for your front desk operations.

This is just the beginning, we're not stopping here! We have more goodness ahead that makes using Cloudbeds seamless and simple. Let us know how we're doing, leave your feedback here.


The feature panel at the top has been moved to the side menu.


Choose Property (Multi Property)

If you manage multiple properties, you can click the drop-down to move from one property to another.



Notification Center

The notification center has been moved from the bottom right-hand corner to the top menu. This will ensure that the notification center does not interfere with critical functionality.



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