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Reservation Page - Accommodations Tab


In the Reservation Page, the Accommodations tab displays the information about all the rooms reserved or assigned for a reservation. In this tab you can quick edit the reservation, assign specific rooms, edit the price and even check-in or check-out guests. Check this article to learn more.

Accommodations Tab Overview

Once you open the Accommodations tab, here are the details you will find in this section:

  1. Edit Reservation - A tool that allows you to change the details of your reservation (the length of stay and number of guests). Check this article to learn more: How to change the Check-in / Check-out dates.
  2. Res ID (reservation id) - The unique reservation ID generated by the system
    • For reservations with more than one room type, each subsequent room after the first will have the same ID with a number added to the end of it. Ex: 8675309, 8675309-2, 8675309-3, etc.
  3. Type - The accommodation type booked to this reservation.
  4. Assignment - The specific room number assigned to the reservation.
    • If you do not have the auto-assignment enabled, you can assign the room/bed here
    • Once assigned, the reservation will be displayed on the calendar page.
    • Unassigning the room does not mean that you are canceling the reservation
  5. Guest - shows the name of the guest and in the drop-down menu the additional guests (if the reservation has more than 1 guest)
  6. Arrival/Departure Date: Check-in / check-out dates of the reservation
  7. Guests - Number of guests/children added to the reservation
  8. Nights - The total number of nights of stay
  9. Total - Total amount of reservation (except additional items)
  10. Occupied - Shows whether or not a specific room is occupied yet by the guests in the reservation. You can also use this option to check-in or check-out guests by switching the icon.
  11. Edit - the drop-down menu which contains:
    • Quick Edit - Quickly edit the check-in/check-out date and split the reservation;
    • Edit Price - Quickly edit the room rates. In order to keep accurate information, do not edit posted room rates using this feature. To do so, access the guest's folio in order to proceed with the adjustment;
    • Edit Reservation - This will take you to the main reservation page
    • Delete Accommodation - This will delete the accommodation from the reservation. Keep in mind that you can not revert this action.
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