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Export Cloudbeds Amplify reservations


You can see Cloudbeds Amplify-attributed bookings by filtering the Reservations list in Cloudbeds PMS. Follow this guide to export your Cloudbeds Amplify reservations list.

Cloudbeds Amplify attributed reservations are not immediately available in Cloudbeds PMS. The Origin is only updated monthly after they were processed and audited.

Export Cloudbeds Amplify reservations

Step 1 - Access Reservations and apply filters
  1. In your Main menu, click on Reservations, and go to the Filter section
  2. Apply your filters (date booked, check-in/check-out date, stay date, status, room types)
  3. In the Reservation Source, select Direct
  4. Click to Apply
Step 2 - Export your reservations
  1. Click on Export Reservations button
  2. Select the fields you want to include in your list (Origin field is mandatory)
  3. Click to Export Reservations. The report will be exported as an Excel file.
Step 3 - Edit your file
  1. Open the report to create a filter for the Origin column
  2. Filter to Cloudbeds Amplify. All reservations upcoming from Cloudbeds Amplify Origin in the period selected will be listed in the table.
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