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Stock Inventory - How to Setup Reorder Notifications for an Item


In the Reorder Notifications tab, you can create a list of recipients that will receive reorder notifications of the items (products) that have reached the limit threshold that you have set in Items & Services with the Stock Inventory tool. Follow this guide to create your list.

How to set up Notifications to reorder for an item

You can add any number of recipients for a notification that arrives via email when certain item reaches the stock threshold. Recipients can be users or any other email address.

In Cloudbeds PMS,

  1. Go to Items and Services page
  2. Open Reorder Notifications tab
  3. Click Add Email


  1. Select users from the staff
  2. Or add any other email
  3. Click Add

The recipients will be listed in the table as follows. You can delete them anytime by clicking on the x button next to the email.

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