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Items and Services - How to Create an Item in Cloudbeds PMS


In Items and Services page you will list all products and services available at your property for inventory control and create their SKU number, code and price. Follow this guide to configure your items.

How to Create an Item

In Cloudbeds PMS,

  1. Go to Items and Services under Property Configuration section
  2. Open Items and Services tab
  3. Click on +New Item
  1. Add item name
  2. Select item type
  3. Enter item SKU (stands for “Stock Keeping Unit”. A SKU is a number or string of alpha and numeric characters that uniquely identify a product. For this reason, SKUs are often called part numbers, product numbers, and product identifiers)
  4. Enter item code
  5. Select item category (or create one)
  6. Enter item description
  7. (Optional) Check this option if you want to make notes mandatory when adding this item to reservations or house account
  8. Enter item price (or check the box "This item does not have a price")
  9. Apply the tax or fee to the item, if needed
  10. If you use Stock Inventory select whether you want to track stock inventory for this product. Learn more here: Stock Inventory
  11. Click on Save Item

The item will appear in the list. You can re-order the list, edit the item, copy it or delete.

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