Whistle Messaging - Reputation Management Options

Manage additional services provided in the platform. Admin can enable/disable additional services, each subscription has a set number of activations available. Below you can check the Reputation Management options.

Access Messaging Services

  1. Go to the Company tab inside Whistle
  2. Select the Messaging Services
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Under Reputation Management section, you have the following options:


Step 1 - Enable TripAdvisor

The TripAdvisor function allows your team to send guests a message requesting that they submit reviews, after the end date of their trips.

  1. Switch the toggle next to the TripAdvisor banner
  2. Click Accept
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Our support team will enable the service on the backend. TripAdvisor Review link will be available the next business day in the Widget section within your message box.

TripAdvisor Widget-2.png (685×169) - Google Chrome

If the guest were to click the link it takes them to complete the five review questions provided by TripAdvisor.

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Step 3 - Enable Survey Automated Message to Send

  1. Go to the Automation tab inside Whistle
  2. Select the Automated Messages section
  3. Switch the toggle next to the Day After Arrival Survey banner to enable
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Step 4 - Review TripAdvisor Analytics

Available for Premium and Enterprise Subscription Plans

  1. Go to the Analytics tab inside Whistle
  2. Under Guest Messaging, select TripAdvisor
  3. Adjust Date Range
  4. Click Export to CSV to download analytics
Unhappy Guest Alerts

Stay on top of unhappy guests, and turn a bad review into a good one. Admins will receive email alerts when negative messages are received from guests.

  1. Go to the Company tab inside Whistle
  2. Select the Messaging Services section
  3. Switch the toggle on the Unhappy Guest Alert banner
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  • Once enabled, your platform will automatically email your admin team, informing them of unhappy guests
  • You click click on the emails to get taken directly to the conversation that generated the alert
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