Whistle Messaging - How to Use WhatsApp

Connect your WhatsApp account to receive WhatsApp messages and reply via Whistle for Cloudbeds.

Things to note before getting started

  • You can use your own number for Whatsapp in Whistle for Cloudbeds. However, if the number is already registered to a WhatsApp account, it must be disconnected. Once disconnected, return to Whistle to attempt the connection again.
    Note that disconnecting a current account from WhatsApp will result in the loss of data, the new account will not import previous conversation history.
  • You must have a Meta/Facebook Business verified account
  • Verify or update your Meta Business Profile before moving forward to guarantee that your profile reflects accurate and up-to-date information once connected to Whistle.
  • The user undergoing the flow must be an Administrator of this business account

1 - Getting Started

  1. Go to the Company tab inside Whistle
  2. Select the Messaging Services section
  3. Switch the toggle next to the WhatsApp banner
  4. Click to edit
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome
  1. Click to connect
  1. Authorize Cloudbeds to continue with Meta login
  1. Click to get started with the connection to Cloudbeds
  1. Fill out the business information form
  1. Create or select a Whatsapp Business account to be connected

Once you select the correspondent account, the Whatsapp connection is complete. You're ready to use Whatsapp with your guests in Whistle for Cloudbeds.

Click to finish.

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