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Whistle Messaging - How to Use WhatsApp


Connect your WhatsApp account to receive WhatsApp messages and reply via Whistle.

Things to Note before Getting Started

  • This connection can take up to 6-8 weeks to be completed due to the verification needed by third parties, including the final authorization from WhatsApp (Meta).
  • Do not attempt to register your Whistle SMS number with WhatsApp as it will block the WhatsApp Business registration, and Whistle for Cloudbeds platform will no longer be able to use this number with your account.

1 - Getting Started

  1. Go to the Company tab inside Whistle
  2. Select the Messaging Services section
  3. Switch the toggle next to the WhatsApp banner
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome

An email will be sent to our support team requesting your submission.

At this point, your request is now with Whatsapp (Meta) to process and approve, and we don't have control of the timeframe. In order to speed up the process, follow step 2 below.

2 - Provide Property Details

  1. Reach to our Support team with the following details and follow the instructions below:
    • Main Contact First and Last Name
    • Main Contact Email
    • Property's Website URL (link)
    • Property's headquarter country
    • Facebook Business Manager ID (see instructions below)
  2. Complete the WhatsApp Client Terms Form and send a screenshot of the submission to our support along with the details above (click here for instructions).
  3. Our Support Team will reach out to you once the process is complete.
How to Find your Facebook Business Manager ID
  1. Access this link
  2. Make sure you are in the Business Info section
  3. Your Business Manager ID is at the top
(17) Business Settings - Google Chrome
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