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Whistle Company Page - How to Setup Guest Book


With Guest Book feature you can create a guest book with detailed property information to have electronically sent via link.

This feature requires the Engagement Plus Package.

Getting Started

Step 1 - Set Brand Theme

Visit Brand Theme for more information

Step 2 - Setup Home Page

Enable and edit the options you want displayed on your property's home page.

  1. Go to the Company tab inside Whistle
  2. Select the Guest Book section
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome
  1. In the Home page section, under Sections scroll to enable/disable options, edit values or add new sections with the plus icon 
  2. Click Save at the top of the sections page to protect edits made
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome
Home Page Settings
Welcome Text
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome
Intro Text
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome
Contact Info
  1. Click Add Contact, to add more options
  2. Select Type
  3. Enter Title, and value
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome
Step 3 - Adjust Settings
  1. In the Home Page section, click Settings to update link/site settings
    • Page Title
    • Description
    • Thumbnail
  2. Click Save

Recommended 1024px wide.

Step 4 - Edit / Add Pages

Update preset pages with your property's information.

On the Guest Book section:

  1. Under Pages, click the Page you wish to update
  2. Disable or Delete Page 
  3. Edit the Page Contents
  4. Click Save

Add Pages

  1. Click the + (plus sign) next to Pages
  2. Enter Title
  3. Upload image for Thumbnail (Recommended 1024px wide)
  4. Enter Page Content
  5. Click Create Page
Step 5 - Update Page Directory
  1. In the Page Directory section, update link/site settings
    1. Page Title
    2. Description
    3. Thumbnail (Recommended 1024px wide)
  2. Click Save

To preview your pages, hover over the page you wish to view, click the Eye icon that appears to the right.

Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome
Step 6 - Send Guest Book
  1. While in an open message or when setting up an automated message, select the Variable icon
  2. Hover over Whistle
  3. Select Guest Portal Link
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome


  1. Go to the Automation tab inside Whistle
  2. Select the Automated Messages section
  3. Click the message you want to update or select the 3 dot icon
  4. Click Edit
  5. Follow step 6 above - Send Guest Book
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome
Add Translations to Guest Book sections (optional)

The Guest Book feature allows customers to add translations for up to 29 languages, so when the guest is viewing the Guest Book, they will able to select the language of their choice.

In Whistle Guest Book settings page,

  1. Open the Translations tab, next to Sections
  2. Enable the language you want to translate (switch the toggle)
  3. Add the translated text on the target blank field
  4. Click to Save

You can find an option to translate each page on the Guest Book feature.

The guest will be able to select the language they prefer in the drop-down menu while accessing the Guest Book link:

  • If there have been no translations configured for a language, then it will display the information in the property's default language.
  • If the translation has not been enabled (toggled 'on') for a language, then it will display the information in the property's default language.
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