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Price Differentials - Frequently Asked Questions


This article shows the most frequently asked questions about the Price Differentials feature in Cloudbeds PMS. For a general overview about this feature, go to Price Differentials - Everything you Need to Know.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Price Differentials work when the property has Rate Plans and Packages?

If rate plans are derived off the base rate, and Price Differentials are being used, once the user updates the base accommodations, the rate plans will also be affected.

If rate plans are not derived off the base rate and Price Differential is being used, then those rate plans will not be affected unless Price Differentials are also configured for those in the Settings.

How it works when the user needs to update the rate without affecting other accommodation types when Price Differentials is configured?

If a user has the Price Differentials activated on the Availability Matrix and only wants to change the price for a specific day for 1 room type and not all room types they can:

  1. Enter the price for that accommodation in the Availability Matrix table without hitting Enter (i.e. navigate away from the field or hit "tab" button).

Only the Enter button triggers recalculation of prices based on the configured differentials.

  1. Access the Calendar directly, and change price for that particular accommodation.
  2. Use the Long Term Interval in the Availability Matrix, only select the accommodation and base rate for that particular accommodation type.
Do Price Differentials apply when using the Long-Term Interval tool?

No, the Price Differentials option will be only be applied when the user modifies the room rate on the Availability Matrix table directly.

Do Price Differentials apply when updating rates from Calendar?

No, Price Differentials only apply to rate changes made in the Availability Matrix table. This will not work if the price is entered in the Calendar or changed on the Base Rate page.

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