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Price Differentials - How to Remove Price Differentials


Price Differentials allow to apply rate updates across your room types, by entering the base accommodation rate. However, if no differentials will be applied, it is possible to remove them.

This article shows how to remove the Price Differentials from your rates in the Availability Matrix. For a general overview of the feature, see Price Differentials - Everything you Need to Know

Remove Price Differentials

  1. Go to the Availability Matrix.
  2. Access the Price Differentials settings.
  3. Remove the differential values from the corresponding room types. The differential can be left in blank so no values are added to your rates.
  4. To save your changes, at least one base room type needs to be selected.
  5. Save.
  • Removing Price Differentials from your room types will not change your previously set-up rates.
  • To update/edit your rates, see How to Add / Edit Base Rates
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