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Price Differentials - How to Update Rates with Price Differentials


The Price Differentials feature allows users to update accommodation prices by only hitting enter. This article shows how to apply your price differentials in the Availability Matrix.

See Price Differentials - Everything you Need to Know for a general overview of this feature.

Getting Started

The first step to update rates with Price Differentials is to set up the feature in the Availability Matrix of Cloudbeds PMS. Learn how: Price Differentials - How to set up.

Update rates with Price Differentials

Price Differentials feature updates prices in your Availability Matrix only, it does not change prices in your Calendar. This means that they will not apply if the price is entered in the Calendar or changed on the Base Rates page.

  1. With Price Differentials configured and saved, whenever a rate change is needed, navigate to the Availability Matrix table.
  2. Enter the new price for any of the Base Accommodation(s).
  3. Once you hit Enter, the system will adjust the existing rates for all the linked accommodation types (based on the previously set differentials) for that specific date. See demonstration video here.
  4. Click Save.
  • Clicking outside the grids after entering the base accommodation price will not update the price for the rest of the rooms. Users must hit enter, to update existing rates automatically.
  • The price changes will not be applied for the dates with 0 prices or dates without rates.
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