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Price Differentials - Everything you Need to Know


Price Differentials allow you to save time when updating prices across your different room types.

This article shows a general overview of this feature and its functionalities. 

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Price Differentials Benefits

  • Allows to pre-set price differences between your accommodation types, derived from the base room type.
  • Update your rates by just hitting enter.
  • Manage rates by entering your Base Room Type rate to automatically update other room types rates.

Manage Price Differentials

Access Price Differentials
  1. Go to the Rates and Availability menu.
  2. Click on Availability Matrix.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Click on Set Price Differentials.
Set up Price Differentials

Select your Base Room type to start adding your differentials. See Price Differentials - How to set up to learn more.

Update rates with Price Differentials

Enter your rates for your Base Room type in the Availability Matrix to update the rest of your rooms automatically. Go to Price Differentials - How to Update Rates with Price Differentials for further details.

Remove Price Differentials

It is possible to remove the differentials if no price differences will be applied to your room types. See Price Differentials - How to Remove Price Differentials for more information.

  • If you have questions about the Price Differentials feature, visit the Frequently Asked Questions section.
  • If you have PIE feature enabled, click here to learn how Price Differentials work within PIE.
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