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Reservation Sources - How to Add Third-Party Sources


Third-party sources are used to trigger the reservations coming from OTAs, wholesalers, travel agents and corporate clients. You may add any channel which can be connected through myallocator (Cloudbeds channel manager) as a source or add any third party by following the steps in this article.

Before Starting

  • Listing OTAs (channels) on this page does not connect them to your Cloudbeds PMS account. This page is for manually labeling third-party reservations only.
  • Deactivating any OTA from this page does not deactivate the connection with this channel.
  • Commissions applied to the sources on this page won't be sent to the channels. It is used for accounting purposes within Cloudbeds PMS. Visit our Commission Report to learn more.
  • If you have payment processing enabled, you need to setup processing methods for each OTA collect type on Payment Options page.

How to Add Third-Party Sources

In Cloudbeds PMS,

  1. Open Manage (gear icon) on the top right
  2. Go to Reservation Sources
  3. Select Third Party Sources
  4. Click on Add new Wholesaler/OTA/Corporate Client/Travel Agent
  1. For Wholesaler, Travel Agent and Corporate Client: enter the name of the source.
    For OTAs (channels): select the OTA from the drop-down list.
  1. Apply a commission, if needed.
  2. Apply tax/fee, if needed.
  3. Click Save

For channels with both Channel Collect and Hotel Collect payment methods and different commissions, the sources need to be added separately:

Check this article to learn more about Applying Taxes and Fees To Reservation Sources

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