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Cloudbeds Websites - How to access directly from Cloudbeds PMS


Access Cloudbeds Websites easier and faster, directly from your Cloudbeds PMS account. This article will walk you through the required steps to go to your Cloudbeds Websites editor with just a few clicks.

Getting Started

  • To access Cloudbeds Websites through your Cloudbeds PMS account, users must have the Cloudbeds Websites toggle enabled in the Roles page.
  • Users who already have the permission to see Cloudbeds Websites (Property Owner, Organization Owner, or Organization Administrator) will find the corresponding button under the Cloudbeds Amplify section.

Any user without the Cloudbeds Websites permission, must request the access to the Property Administrator or Property Owner. Learn more about Users and Roles and Roles and Permissions.

Access Cloudbeds Websites from Cloudbeds PMS

  1. Click on Manage (gear icon)
  2. Under the Cloudbeds Amplify section, click on Cloudbeds Websites
  3. Click Go to Website Editor

If the Cloudbeds Websites toggle is not available in the Roles page of your Cloudbeds PMS account, reach out to our Support Team to request assistance.

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