Reservation Sources - Everything You Need to Know

The reservation source is the place from which the reservation was created. Keeping sources organized and tracking them is very useful for accounting purposes and to check which reservation sources bring you highest number of guests and income. It's also easy to apply taxes, fees and commissions for specific sources in Cloudbeds PMS.


  • Tracking the source of your reservations
  • Keeping them organized
  • Easily configure commissions, taxes and fees to specific sources for accounting purposes

Reservation Sources Overview

In the Reservation Sources page you will find:

  1. Two types of sources: Primary and Third Party
  2. A toggle to Activate/Deactivate the source as an option when creating a new reservation
  3. A dedicated place to configure the taxes and fees for the specific source

Types of Reservation Sources in Cloudbeds PMS

There are two types of Reservation Sources in Cloudbeds PMS: the Primary Sources and Third Party Sources. Check their details below:

Primary Sources

The Primary Sources are used for creating new direct reservations from within the system. There are default Primary sources in Cloudbeds PMS:

  • Walk-Ins,
  • Phone,
  • Email bookings,
  • Website/Cloudbeds Booking Engine.
  • You can add new Primary Sources to the system
  • It is not possible to delete a default Primary Source

Third Party Sources

Third-party sources are used to trigger the reservations coming from:

  • OTAs (channels) connected to myallocator (Cloudbeds Channel Manager),
  • Wholesalers,
  • Travel agents,
  • Corporate clients.
  • This page is for manually labeling third-party reservations only. Listing OTAs on this page does not connect them to your Cloudbeds PMS account.
  • Deactivating any OTA from this page does not deactivate the connection with this channel.
  • Commissions and taxes applied to the sources on this page won't be sent to the channels. It is used for accounting purposes within Cloudbeds PMS only.
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