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Cloudbeds Release Notes - Cloudbeds Single Sign-On (July 2022)


We have implemented the Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication method for Cloudbeds University and Cloudbeds Websites.

Access to these platforms can now be done directly from Cloudbeds PMS with only just one click. You will no longer need different logins and passwords between these platforms and the Cloudbeds PMS.

Learn more: Cloudbeds Single Sign On (SSO)

Cloudbeds Websites

Before Release

User must enter their credentials (username/email and password) manually on the Cloudbeds Websites login page to access the website editor:

After Release

Property Owner and other users with the permission to see Cloudbeds Websites enabled under their Role, can access the website editor from Cloudbeds PMS.

Cloudbeds University

Before Release

User must register their Cloudbeds University account manually and to access the platform they must enter their username and password on a different login page.

After Release

By clicking the Cloudbeds University link under the Get Help button, user will be redirected automatically to Cloudbeds university without having to enter any other credentials. If not yet registered, the user will be registered automatically.

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