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Cloudbeds Release Notes - Booking Engine List Design Deactivation (September 2022)


As of September 1st, List Design users are being migrated to our updated Gallery Design built to drive more conversions and increase direct bookings.

Check below for more details, and to see your next steps.

Before the Release (September 2022)

Before this release, Cloudbeds offered two display options for room photos, and rate plans for your Booking Engine:

  • List Design - displays smaller photos and simple display options
  • Gallery Design - displays larger photos and rate plan details

After the Release

  • The List Design is being deactivated for all users as of September 1st, 2022.
  • This update will not impact your property's operations, but will affect any customizations currently applied to your List Design Booking Engine. These customization code will be lost during the upgrade because they are no longer compatible with the new design.

Your Next Steps

Transfer your Customization Code from List to Gallery Design

  1. Click on the List Design tab to find your existing custom codes
  2. Use the Find command (CTRL + F in Windows/CMD + F in Mac) to find the referred code in the List Design Code list by typing specific keywords or sections of the code
  3. Go to the Gallery Design Code list to find the equivalent code and copy it
  • The Find command will display a search bar in your browser to type your keywords. Once you hit Enter, it will highlight the word coincidence(s) showing the code.
  • Some sentences are not exact in both lists. Use specific keywords for a more accurate search.
  1. Go to the Gallery Design tab, and paste your Gallery Design code
  2. Save

Access your Booking Engine to check if the new code applied the expected effect it had on the List Design, to the Gallery Design.

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