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Taxes and Fees - How to edit or delete Taxes and Fees


This article explains the process to edit or delete your existing Taxes and Fees on Cloudbeds PMS.

Edit Taxes and Fees

Things to note:

  • Once the tax/fee is set up and saved, it is not possible to edit the type. In this case, the solution is to create a new tax/fee.
  • If changes are applied in the tax availability (Items/Reservations) by deselecting Items, the system will remove this tax from all the applicable products. In case of Reservations, the tax will be removed from the sources were it was previously added to. If the tax needs to be added back, users will have to add it manually one more time. More information here.
  1. Click Manage (gear icon)
  2. Go to Taxes and Fees
  3. Find the tax/fee to be edited and click on the edit (pencil) icon
  1. Apply the required changes
  2. Click Save

If you are updating existing taxes/fees after your property has gone live, the following warning might appear. Select the applicable option and click Continue:

Delete Taxes and Fees

  • Deleting a tax or fee will only apply to new future reservations. It will not apply to all the transactions and reservations that already exist within the system.
  1. Find the tax/fee to be deleted and click on the (x) icon
  2. A system alert will appear to confirm the removal. Click Delete to proceed
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