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How to Set Up Accommodation Types Amenities


The amenities of your property are what make it unique. This article will walk you through the process of setting up amenities for accommodation types in Cloudbeds PMS.

Getting Started

You can find a list of Amenities to be configured while creating a new Accommodation Type. You will need to do this process for all accommodation types:

  1. Click on Manage (gear icon).
  2. Under Property Details section, click on Accommodation Types.
  3. Click on the accommodation type name that you want to add/edit amenities.
  1. Select all the amenities available on this room type.
  2. If there are amenities that are not on the list, you can add custom amenities.
  3. Click Save to ensure that all data has been properly stored.

You can also find a list of Amenities to be configured for your property. Click here to learn more.

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