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How to Automatically Extend Reservation Date


With Auto Checkout Date Extension feature activated, the system will automatically extend your guest's reservation if the reservation status is not changed from in house to checked out on the day guest is supposed to check out.

Important Notes:

  • The system automatically extends the reservation check out date at 02:06 AM the next day.
  • The system will continue extending the reservation by a night until you change the status to Checked Out.
  • The room rate for the next day will be added automatically to the folio and the balance due will be updated accordingly.

Follow the steps:

  1. Click Manage (gear icon).
  2. Under Property Configuration, select General System Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Automation Preferences and switch ON (green) the toggle Auto Checkout Date Extension.
  4. Click Save.

To deactivate the feature, switch the toggle OFF (grey) and click Save.


This is how a reservation that is automatically extended would look like:

  • Check-Out date is extended nightly.
  • In the Reservation Activity, on the next day at 02: 06 AM, you will find the reservation dates and room extended by System.
  • At 11:59 PM on the day guest's supposed to check out, the room rate for the next day will be added automatically to the Folio, the balance due will be updated accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I amend a reservation that was automatically extended?

In case the reservation was not supposed to be extended automatically (e.g you had forgotten to change the reservation status to Checked-out or you were not aware the feature was enabled), you can edit the reservation's check-out date and adjust the folio to reflect the correct balance and change the status to Checked-out.

Property Owner has permission to edit and change reservation status by default. Other users must be given permission by the Property Owner to:

  • Modify reservations
  • Create and modify reservations and blocks for past dates

Learn more about roles: Roles and Permissions

Follow the steps below

  1. Access the reservation and go to Accommodations tab.
  2. Click the gear icon and select Quick Edit.
  1. Unselect the date that was extended automatically by the system.
    • Example: the reservation was extended until June 27th (check-out). By unchecking the box June 26th, the check-out date will be updated to June 26th and the room rate for June 26th will be removed from guest's folio.
  2. Click Save Updates.
  1. Check if the guest's has remaining balance, add or refund payment as necessary in the guest's folio.
  1. Once the check-out date is correct and there is no remaining balance, change the reservation status to Checked Out.
  1. Click Confirm.
What happens if there is another reservation starting on the day the system tries to auto extend the reservation in house?


  1. The Auto Checkout Date Extension feature is enabled for this property.
  2. Reservation A has check-out date is tomorrow June 22nd and it's currently In-house.
  3. On June 22nd, another reservation was made for the same room (reservation B).
  1. If by 02:05 AM reservation A is not checked-out from the room, the system will automatically extend the check-out date of reservation A and remove the room assignment of reservation B (the reservation will be removed from Calendar and you'll have to assign it manually).
  2. Verify the situation, change the status of reservation A to Checked-out if the guest already checked out or assign reservation B to another room.
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