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2 Factor Authentication - How to use the emergency/recovery code


When logging in to the Cloudbeds PMS from a new browser, computer or other devices, the system will ask you to enter a one time code for authentication. If you ever lose access to your authentication device (i.e. phone), you can use the emergency code to gain access to your account.

Follow the steps to use the emergency/recovery code:

  1. Click Use recovery code.
  1. Enter your emergency/recovery code. This code is given when you completed the verification process: 2 Factor Authentication - How to Set Up (New User)
  2. Click Verify.

You can perform 5 attempts to enter the emergency code. If the system does not allow you to make further attempts, contact Support.

After getting access to Cloudbeds with the recovery code, you will be redirected My User Profile page to re-verify a device. The 2 Factor Authentication modal will automatically open.

You may close the window, however, closing this modal will be noted in the activity log. It is your responsibility to verify a new device after using the emergency code.

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