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2 Factor Authentication - How to Set Up (New User)


As a new user, when logging in to the Cloudbeds PMS for the first time, you are required to set up 2 Factor Authentication (2 FA) to secure your account.

Follow the instructions to authenticate your account:

  1. Choose one of the verification methods below and click Begin Verification.
  • For the time being, Cloudbeds supports Voice Call and SMS in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • At the moment, only one phone number can be used for authentication.
  • If you often travel abroad, it is recommended to verify using the Authentication App as it can be used offline.
Verify Using Text Message / Voice Call
  1. Enter country code, city code and phone number. The system will send you a verification code via SMS or voice call.

Landlines are not fully supported yet

Although we support phone calls to verify your identity, landlines are not yet fully supported by our provider (Authy). Do not use a landline —  if the phone call doesn't work, you will be locked out and there are no other means to authenticate.  

  1. Choose between Text Me or Call Me.
  1. Enter the verification code sent to your phone.
  2. Click Verify or change the verification method if you are not receiving the code.
  1. Save the Emergency Code. If you ever lose access to your authentication device, you can use this code to access your Cloudbeds account.
  1. Click Complete Verification.
Verify Using Authentication App (Authy)

The Authy app is a convenient and a free alternative and it can be used offline and is supported on multiple devices, very useful for when you need to travel abroad.

You will need to download the app to your smart phone. Immediately upon downloading the app, you should enable Multiple Device functionality. Follow instructions: Enable (or disable) Authy Multi-Device

If you want to use the Authy desktop app, you must initially verify using the mobile app: Download Authy

  1. Enter your cell phone number (country code, city code and phone number) and click Next.

We will not call or text you; this phone number is used to register you as a Cloudbeds user with Authy.

  1. Open your Authy app and click the plus (+) button in the middle of the screen to add authenticator account. This will activate your camera to scan the QR code provided on Cloudbeds screen.
  2. Scan QR Code and click Next.

Inside Authy App, you will see:

  1. Your Cloudbeds account — name the account and click Save.
  2. The verification code — this code needs to be entered on Cloudbeds. Note that there is an expiration period of the token.

On Cloudbeds PMS

  1. Enter the token you see on Authy app, then, click Verify.
  1. Save the Emergency Code — if you ever lose access to your authentication device, you can use this code to access your Cloudbeds account.
  1. Click Complete Verification.

Once your account is verified using one of the methods above, you will see 2 FA information on your My User Profile page.

  • Verified: Means that you've completed the process and the code was verified successfully. You can also see the last 4 digits of the phone number you verified.
  • Verify New: Click this button to verify a new authentication device.
  • New Code: If you forgot to save your emergency code, click to generate a new code.

The 2FA status will be displayed on User Management  menu:

Only the Property Owner is able to see the 2 FA Reset button for users and use it if needed.

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