Marketplace - Frequently Asked Questions

Why I don't see Marketplace in my Cloudbeds account?

If you don't see the Marketplace section, your user may not have the necessary permissions to manage. Contact the Property Owner and ask them to enable Marketplace under your user role.

I want to become a partner. Where should I apply?

Please apply using the form on our Partner with Cloudbeds page.

You can also learn more about Cloudbeds Integrations in our Knowledge Base

How to disconnect an app from Cloudbeds PMS?

Please follow the instructions in this article to disconnect an app from Cloudbeds PMS:

Marketplace - How to disconnect an app from Cloudbeds PMS

I have an issue with an integration. Who should I contact - Cloudbeds or App Support?

To troubleshoot the issue, the user needs to identify where it comes from: Cloudbeds or app/partner. Most of the apps listed on the Marketplace are build to us integrations, which means that in order to identify and resolve an issue you need to contact that app's support team first. 

For detailed information please check this guide: Apps & Integrations Troubleshooting

Please note that any questions about creating an account on a third-party app should be sent to that app's support team.

Should Cloudbeds currency match with Marketplace partners' app currency?

Yes, both Cloudbeds and Marketplace partner App currency should match.

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