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Revenue Allocation - Troubleshooting


In this article you can find solutions to a few situations you may encounter with the revenue breakdown or add-ons in a reservation's folio.

Why do I not see the revenue breakdown in the reservation folio?


Let's say you have a reservation made according to a rate plan which includes an add-on item, and you don't see a proper pricing breakdown in the folio:

Revenue Allocation - Troubleshooting | Guru - Google Chrome


Revenue allocation will not be available for the reservation if the add-on associated with the rate plan is out of stock:

Revenue Allocation - Troubleshooting | Guru - Google Chrome

You need to add the item quantity to the stock, so it will become available for the rate plan again.

The reservation was booked according to a rate plan, but the add-ons associated with it are not shown in the reservation folio


You see the reservation was made according to a rate plan with add-ons connected, but you do not see those items listed in the folio:


If you check the rate plan's settings, you may find that the associated items have expired intervals:

In this case, the system will calculate the rate derivation correctly, but this item will not be added to the guest's folio. You need to adjust the date intervals for your desired add-ons. Once you extend the date intervals, the add-ons will be correctly shown in your future reservations.

If you need to fix this for the reservation which was already made before you extended the intervals, you can manually add the items and then apply an adjustment to the reservation.
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