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Dashboard - Frequently Asked Questions


Dashboard makes operation easier by allowing the user to have a quick summary of the current day. For more details, check the following article: Dashboard - All you need to know

Check below the most frequently asked questions about Dashboard.

Is it possible to display checked out reservations on the departure list?

Yes! Since not all properties require this information, you must enable this option. Follow the steps below:

  1. Under the Property Configuration section, click on General System Settings
  2. Enable this option under Miscellaneous Preferences. By default, it will be disabled (gray).
  • Guests will be ordered by reservation status in descending order
  • In-house guests will be listed above Checked out
How to hide dashboard revenue from certain users?

You can disable users from viewing revenue on the Dashboard. Go ahead and follow the steps below:

  1. Under User Management section click on the Roles tab
  2. Choose the role that you want to hide the dashboard revenue from and click on the edit button
  3. Under Hotel Setup section, toggle the option Revenue on Dashboard to gray
How does the system calculate the occupancy percentage on 14-Day Outlook?

The occupancy percentage on the Dashboard is different from your calendar. The Dashboard is considering a 14-day outlook, while the calendar displays this information per day.

Calculation: the number of units sold during this period divided by the number of total units times 100, and then divided by 14 days.

Example: Your property has 23 units [private rooms and/or beds on shared dorms]

  • inventory: 23 units
  • units sold during the given period: 15


15 / 23 = 0.65
0.65 x 100 = 65.21
65.21 / 14 = 4.65

Why does the occupancy on Dashboard not match with my Occupancy Report?

If you try to replicate your dashboard revenue or the occupancy percentage on your occupancy report, remember to filter for the exact same dates.
The revenue information should match but the occupancy percentage may be different. This is because the 14-Day Outlook counts rooms booked + calendar blocks, while the Occupancy Report counts rooms booked only.

Why does the availability on the Dashboard not reflect the data on the Calendar?
  • Availability on the Dashboard is taken from the Amount Allotted For Sale on the Availability Matrix - The number of rooms or beds that can be sold, this number can be manually adjusted.
  • The calendar shows the Remaining Inventory (the actual availability).
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