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Email Templates - How to create Custom Email Templates in Cloudbeds PMS


Custom email templates can be created and customized by the property to be sent later in Cloudbeds PMS.

This guide shows how to create a custom email template.

Create a new Email Template

  1. Click on Account icon
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Go to Email Templates under Email Configuration section
  4. Click on +CREATE TEMPLATE

Fill out the email details as follows:

  1. Template Name - Specify the name for the template. This is used for you to determine what the template is for. It will not be visible anywhere publicly
  2. Language-specific templates - Enabling Autofill All Languages will override all templates languages with the version below

The auto-fill option will fill all languages with text that you added to your system default language template. For example: If you use Cloudbeds PMS in English, all templates texts will be replaced with English version; if you use system in Portuguese, all templates texts will be replaced with Portuguese text.

  1. Send From - Email address from which the email will be sent. Some email domains (such as Yahoo) do not permit Cloudbeds to send emails using your email address, we suggest to test it first.
  2. Reply To - Email address that will be populated in the To field when the Reply button is clicked on the email
  3. CC and BCC Lists - List of all email addresses you want to CC / BCC. Separate each email address by a comma. Limit list to 5 email addresses or fewer

Do not include any comma in the From Name and Reply-to Name fields as it will cause error in sending the email message from the system.

  1. Email Type (Only for properties who enabled GDPR Compliance): If GDPR Compliance is enabled, every Email Template will have a required radio button specifying  whether email is marketing related. Templates flagged as marketing emails will only be sent to guests who opt in to marketing materials. Non-marketing emails will be sent to all guests you have ongoing business relations with.

All default email templates on Cloudbeds PMS come with an auto-populated email address ( This email address is for reference only. This email address does not represent a real email address, meaning that any email sent to or to will not reach any Support source. To contact our Support Team, click here.

It is necessary to edit these email addresses with addresses from your Front Desk department, or any email considered by the hotel management.

  1. Subject - Text that will appear as the subject of the email. To add dynamic content such as the name of the guest or phone number, use the Insert Merge Tag picklist below
  2. Attachments - Upload any attachments you would like to be included whenever this email template is sent
  3. Design Style - Click on Change to choose pre-styled designs (12) or create a custom design through HTML
  4. Enter your text and customize your email
  5. Save changes
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