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Cloudbeds Service Suspension in Russia


Starting March 7th, 2022 due to the war in Ukraine, Cloudbeds will indefinitely suspend all operations and services in Russia and with Russian-based companies.

Please take the following actions to minimize disruption to your business.

1. Export reservations in Cloudbeds PMS

After March 7th, 2022 you will no longer be able to log into Cloudbeds PMS and you will loose access to all information on your account (past and future). We recommend you to export any reservations data you want to keep:

Check the following instructions on How To Export Reservation List.

2. Export All Necessary Reports

Click here to check some reports you may want to run.

3. Deactivate myallocator (Channel Manager by Cloudbeds) with all your OTAs

Contact all of your channels (OTAs) and inform them that myallocator is no longer your Channel Manager.

  • If you do not inform all of your channels,  your availability and rates will still be available from the most recent update on your Extranet sites.
  • You must cancel the connection to myallocator directly on all your channel's extranet before you can manage your rates and availability on the channel again
  • Cloudbeds can not disable the connection on the channel side for you. Only you (as the property owner) can contact the channels to disable the channel manager from their side.

Thank you for your understanding in this difficult situation. For any questions, contact 

To learn more about why and how we are supporting Ukraine, please visit

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